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Try this head massager to relax perfectly. Very pleasant and relaxing feeling. This skull massager acts directly on the nerve endings.Use every evening after work for relaxation immediate and a feeling of well-being...
Philips Oneblade Spare BladeCompatible OneBlade model: QP210 QP220 QP230 QP2520 QP2530 QP2527 QP2533 QP2630 QP6520..
Pack of 4 round natural Loofah with strap on the back for better grip, skin exfoliator, can be used by both women  and men...
Pumice stone to exfoliate dead skin from feet, hands and elbows, these pumice stones come with a string for convenient storage.For an optimal result soak your feet in hot water, wet the stone then rub slowly and rotating the area to be smoothed until the elimination of dead skin cells so you will fi..
Each box contains a pack of 20 or 100 soap sheets Compact, practical and easy to use!All you have to do is add water to these soap sheets.Very thin, they will instantly transform into a soap suds.This product is very useful and you will take it everywhere with you (office, car, gym bag or in th..
Set of 10 Bamboo toothbrushes 100% Natural Biodegradable Vegan
HOT -19 %
Our toothbrushes are 100% bamboo and are biodegradable, ecological and organic! They contain no chemicals, zero plastic.Ideal for your family and nature, these soft bristle toothbrushes will satisfy all of your family from their first use.Help save the planet from plastic waste that pollutes th..
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These teeth whitening strips are ideal for combating traces of tobacco in order to restore your smile to a crystalline whiteness..
Toothpaste dispenser Children Funny Animals Toothpaste dispenser Children Funny Animals
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Toothpaste dispenser Children Funny Animals..
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Hookah, hookah or water filter whatever its name is the use and the principle is the same, it is a kind of pipe that filters tobacco smoke or, more often, a mixture based on tobacco in order to remove the most polluting and harmful products for your health.Made of environmentally friendly and non-to..
This medical thermometer comes with a battery includedCharacteristics:1. Easy reading, measurement accuracy, no mercury, beep and memory.2. Accuracy up to ±0.5 degree, the minimum scale reading up to 0.1 degree.3. The double beep indicates the end of the measurement.4. Non-toxic materials...
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