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Child in the Golden TrayPhanthong Natural Organic Plant PowderAgainst Nausea, Stomachache, WeaknessVery old Thai remedy based on natural organic plants.Used against nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite, dizziness, feelings of weakness.Composition :Cloves 15%Aquilaria agallocha wood 15..
Crème pour réduire les cicatrices brûlures échaudures plaies chirurgicales vergetures après la grossesse 50mlSCAR CREAM 50MLPoids : 97 grammesProduct details:ALIVER Scar Cream, Medical Scar Reduction, Surgical Scar Reduction, Heat Treatment Scar, Thick Scar, Fire Scar, etc.• Caused by fire, hot wate..
Dermatix Ultra Gel 15g - Scars KeloidThis item is a pack of 2 Dermatix Ultra 15g cream- Suitable for keloids and raised scars up to 2 years of age- Should be used after the wound has dried and healed, approximately 7-14 days.- Can be used in scars resulting from surgery, sharp object injury, acciden..
Ginsomin capsule ginseng root with vitamins and 20 types of mineralsContains 30 capsulesStrengthens immune protection, increases vitality and male energyKorean ginseng extract 50 mg.Vitamin A - Beta-carotene and other carotenes from mixed algae 6 mg.Vitamin B1 1.5 mg.Vitamine B2 1,5 mg.Vitamine B6 2..
KOBAYASHI NODOGLE Throat SprayMouth Spray with Concentrated Peppermint Oil and MentholKobayashi - JapanTargeted sore throat reliefAntibacterial.Relief of sore throats and throat irritations.Quick and easy to use.Each 1ml of Nodogle Spray contains 5.0mg of iodine...
Kool Fever Patch Kobayashi Cooling Fever Migraine Headache1 box contains 3 sachets (1 sachet contains 2 patches)1 patch can be used for approximately 8 hours (adult)KOBAYASHI Kool Fever antipyretic gel sheet provides long-lasting cooling during feverish states, migraine, heat stroke or simply d..
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Lingzhi Reishi Ganoderm Shining Ganoderma lucidum Red powder 100gReishi Mushroom PowderCapacity: 100g..
Lingzhi Reishi Ganoderma lucidum Red Black Dried MushroomLingzhi / ReishiIn vitro studies have shown the anticancer properties of Ganoderma Luisant, its effectiveness against the activity of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has also been shown and modelled.Several compounds present in Ganoderm..
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