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This product is a pack of 100 nail flie..
Breathalyzer, electronic breathalyzer in keychain format.Hanging with your car keys, it is very reliable and precise, it detects alcohol vapors like the models used by law enforcement. Exceeding the authorized rates results in an audible signal...
Our toothbrushes are 100% bamboo and are biodegradable, ecological and organic! They contain no chemicals, zero plastic.Ideal for your family and nature, these soft bristle toothbrushes will satisfy all of your family from their first use.Help save the planet from plastic waste that pollutes th..
Ideal tools to help you trim your beard evenly and professionally...
Blackhead Anti Face Tool Kit Blackhead Anti Face Tool Kit
HOT -24 %
Get rid of blackheads easily with this tool kit specially designed to expel excess sebum...
3.64€ 4.80€
Each box contains 120 plasters for children.Each bandage is decorated with funny drawings..
Dual Face Cleansing BrushSoft brush, reduces pimples, can be used on both sides, small fine soft bristles penetrate deep into pores.Helps to wash away creams, dust, makeup left on the surface.Can be used with all types of skin cleansing products.Helps clean pores and clear blockages better.Provides ..
Teeth whitening dental whitening pen.Use daily after brushing teeth.Apply the marker to each of your teeth to restore the shine to your smile. ..
Ideal mask for your nights of sleep so as not to be disturbed by the slightest light.It will accompany you everywhere during your trip, hotel, train, plane or car...
Feet or Hands Nail NipperNail clip, random color send...
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