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Capsules Tablets Weight Loss Slimming Diet Dietary SupplementVeggie Fiber DietCapacity: 100 capsulesVeggy Fiber Diet capsules help to lose weight to have a beautiful figure, the composition in addition to fiber will clog the area of ​​the digestive tract so that you feel full faster without preventi..
ASCORBIC C-1000mgAntioxidant Système ImmunitaireVITAMINE C100 % Genuine..
Cissus Quadrangularis - 100 Capsules 330mg(Régime, Perte de poids)Cissus quadrangularis has been used as a medicinal plant since antiquity. Cissus has been used in various classical Ayurvedic medicines to heal broken bones and injured ligaments and tendons. In siddha medicine it is considered a..
DHC Chitosan Food Supplement 90 capsules30 day treatmentBlock fat, ideal for fatty diets.Chitosan is an animal dietary fiber extracted from chitin (crabs and shrimps)Chitosan has the function of blocking the fat content which is abundant in fatty meals and meat. Ingredients: Ginseng extrac..
Dietary supplement - Boesenbergia rotunda - FingerrootYanheeCapacity: 60 capsules - 260mgProduct details:- Stimulate blood supply to the central brain to reduce memory loss- Increase sexual performance- Nourish the heart- Anti-inflammatory- Helps relieve wind, dizziness, chest tightne..
Extract of Ganoderma lucidum or Reishi (30 caps)Ingredients in 1 capsule:Ganoderma Lucidum Extract 300 mg.Polysaccharides more than 30% or more than 90 mg/capsule.Triterpenoids more than 3% or more than 9 mg/capsuleSize: 30 capsulesDosage: 1 capsule per day after dinner.PRECAUTIONS FOR USE:Do not us..
Finger Root Fingerroot - 250mg - 60 capsulesBoesenbergia rotunda [Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger)] known as Finger Root is a daily food ingredient and traditional herbal medicine in Southeast Asia and Indochina.It has been shown to possess anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflamm..
Food Supplement Mushroom Lion's Mane Hericium erinaceus Made from organic mushrooms delivered directly from the farm (Lion's Mane, Yamabushitake, Organic Farm Powder)Yamabushitake MushroomsScientific name: Hericium erinaceusOther names: Lion's Mane, Hedgehog Mushroom monkey head mushroom or phu..
Frozen Detox & Fiberry Food Supplement ProductHelps remove impurities from the body and boost metabolism1) Burn fat2) Fast digestion3) Dieting without exercise4) Regulates the formation of new fats5) Reduce blood lipids6) Stimulates blood circulationTake 2 capsules a day, 1 capsule after breakfa..
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