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Foot care

This product is a pack of 100 nail flie..
These medical dressings are very useful and effective against calluses, plantar warts, corns etc ...Soak your feet in lukewarm water for a few minutes to soften your skin, dry your feet and apply the bandage to the area to be treated.Use a bandage per day, after 6/7 days the infected area becomes wh..
Hair & Body Coconut Oil Serum 85mlNatural extracts can be used for the whole body from head to toe, hair to toes.You can apply the serum every day, morning and evening, it will soften your skin and make it pleasant to the touch because it is rich in natural vitamins C and E.Benefits for the..
Herbal Antifungal Athlete's Foot SprayAntibacterial deodorant Onychomycosis Paronychia MushroomsContenance: 30 ML..
A concentrated cream that nourishes the skin of the feet and around the heels so that it is smooth and soft for a long time.Helps strengthen nails.Apply the product to the skin around the feet, heel and nails as often as desired.Weight: 50g..
Cream for foot care, with organic banana.Nourishes dry, cracked skin to be smooth, soft, moisturizes, heals cracks to return to a clean and smooth state, helps relieve fatigue.Bananas have benefits for cracked feet due to their high nutrient content, bananas are rich in water and potassium which hel..
Pumice stone to exfoliate dead skin from feet, hands and elbows, these pumice stones come with a string for convenient storage.For an optimal result soak your feet in hot water, wet the stone then rub slowly and rotating the area to be smoothed until the elimination of dead skin cells so you will fi..
10 sachets of essential powder against fungal Infections, mushrooms, recurrent sweat smell, itching, tinea, pedis.Tips for use:Pour one sachet into your shoes evenly (1 sachet per week)WherePut in the water of your foot bathWhereDip your soles in boiling water, soak your soles for 5 minutes.Pack of ..
This anti-blister Stick from the brand Compeed, helps prevent blisters on the feet and other parts of the body.It protects you from blisters on the feet "blisters".This product reduces friction and pressure to prevent their appearance. Practical and nomadic, it accompanies you everywh..
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