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Pack Namman Muay 3 x 30gNamman Muay 30g..
Pack of 3 Taisho Counterpain COOL 30g Squibb / TaishoAnalgesic ointment/balm in cool versionCounterpain Cool is an analgesic pain reliever that removes pain by cooling it quickly relieves tired or tense muscles.The use is done in the form of a massage on the painful area, Counterpain Cool provi..
Tiger Balm 2x30g1 White + 1 Red (Tiger Balm) 1 Red + 1 Red1 White + 1 White1 Red + 1 WhiteAS YOU WISHGenuine product guarantee..
Pack Tiger Balm DiscoveryThis pack include1  Tiger Balm Red 30g1  Tiger Balm White 30g1  Tiger Balm Muscle Rub 30g1  Tiger Balm Liniment 28ml..
Patches Salonpas Big Size 7cm x 10cmBox of 5 patches 7 cm x 10 cm..
Plaivana pain relief cream 100gPlai belongs to the same family as Ginger. As with ginger, plai essential oil is steam distilled from the rhizomes (roots).Distilling the fresh roots produces an essential oil that tends to be more aromatically pleasing than when the dried roots are distilled.&nbs..
Thai Red Chilli BalmCamphor, Peppermint, Capsaicin 50gRheumatism Muscle PainThe Red Herbs Hot Balm contains in its composition red pepper, capsaicin, mint and Camphor.Reputed in Thailand to be more effective than Tiger Balm.Activates blood circulation and metabolism.Provides an intense effect on mus..
Balm with a refreshing effect, ideal for headaches, muscle pain, mosquito repellent etc ...Do not use for pregnant women, keep out of reach of children, do not apply to mucous membranes (eyes, lips, etc.), in case of allergy contact a doctor, in case of swallowing call a poison control center ...
Hisamitsu Salonpas Cream 30gFor the relief of pain associated with:■ Muscle fatigue■ Muscle pain■ Shoulder stiffness■ Back pain■ Bruises■ Sprains■ Stiffness■ Arthritis■ Minor frostbite■ Headaches■ Insect bitesWarnings:Only for external use.DO NOT USE: ■ On wounds or damaged skin■ If y..
- OUT OF STOCK -Powerful and effective, Scorpio Balm is ideal for muscle pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, arthritis, flu-like conditions, back pain, leg pain or neck and shoulder pain, it will relieve you quickly and effectively.SIMILAR PRODUCTScorpion Balm 50g..
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