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Sugar and snail slime scrubWeight: 12/15 gramsScrub with snail slime and sugar, 100% natural exfoliator, it  exfoliates skin cells and whitens the skin How to use: put a small drop of water on the scrub and mix in your hand until a kind of mucus forms...
Sulfur is a very important mineral for the body, it is used to synthesize two essential amino acids: methionine and cysteine.It is mainly found stored in bones, nails and hair.Sulfur is also very effective in disinfecting and fighting skin disorders such as  acne, psoriasis and eczema.Char..
These teeth whitening strips are ideal for combating traces of tobacco in order to restore your smile to a crystalline whiteness..
Sparkle Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Toothpaste 100gToothpaste from the American brand Sparkle with natural Himalayan pink salt, this toothpaste also contains Propolis, eucalyptus and clove oil as main ingredients...
Antibacterial Acne CreamYanheeCapacity: 10gThis acne cream was developed by Yan Hee Hospital in Bangkok.• Suitable for people with inflammatory acne problems, clogged acne.• Helps reduce acne inflammation. Break down dirt clogging in the pores.• Makes skin dry and break down quickly, helping skin lo..
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