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This cream will help you fight skin problems like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema in a natural way. Made from natural plants, ideal for caring for your skinContent: 15g..
This natural herbal product is designed as a treatment for skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema.Apply the product to the affected part(s).Capacity 10g..
Day cream with Aloe Vera will hydrate your skin thanks to its composition of 99% aloe vera.Apply this cream before exposure to the sun and after exposure, it will keep your skin moisturized and prevent you from getting sunburned or use it daily after washing...
10 MLKobayashi Brand Japanese Liquid Dressing produces a thin, sticky film after application, therefore, it helps to cover the wound and prevent germs caused by surrounding dirt and dust. The film produced by the liquid is waterproof, so you can wash your hair, wash dishes, cook, garden, swim, exerc..
Kamillosan® M Oral Spray 15 ML- OUT OF STOCK -Restocking in progressComposition: Chamomile extract, Methyl Salicylate, Peppermint oil, Sage oil, Anise oil, Dwarf pine-needle oil, bergamot oil, cineole..
Hiso Super Serum Hair Keratine Restores dry and damaged hair, gives beautiful shiny hair...
Discover the mask for your dry hair with premium keratin, to soften and strengthen your hair.What is keratinKeratin is an essential protein of the visible layer of the epidermis and of the integuments, substances produced by the many layers that make up the skin (nails, hair, hair). It has a be..
Kool Fever Patch Kobayashi Cooling Fever Migraine Headache1 box contains 3 sachets (1 sachet contains 2 patches)1 patch can be used for approximately 8 hours (adult)KOBAYASHI Kool Fever antipyretic gel sheet provides long-lasting cooling during feverish states, migraine, heat stroke or simply d..
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Différence des tubes1. Blanchiment (Tube gris/blanc)Formule de blanchiment des dents inhibant la formation de plaque, qui provoque des dents jaunes et une mauvaise haleine Le dentifrice contient de minuscules granules de silice. Frottez vos dents pour être blanches et propres. Réduit la plaque denta..
A microfiber mask delivering replenishing hydration.Using Japanese wrap technology and millions of microfibers that deliver a concentrated burst of restorative hydration, this mask visibly plumps while energizing the skin and delivers a radiant glow in just minutes.Key Ingredients: Miracle Broth™, R..
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