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100% Genuine Crocodile Oil 60ML60 MLAuthentic Thai crocodile oil extracted from 100% crocodile fatFunction: Fade skin spots,  remove and prevent skin acne , moisturize dry, rough and cracked skin, chilblains, scalds, promote blood circulation and reduce blood stasis as it increases bl..
Clenascar Gel 7 / 15gReduce dark spots, redness, acne scars and raised marks(7/15 grams)Clenascar Gel 15g nourishing gel Allium Cepa up to 12%The nourishing gel helps skin appear smooth and toned.Can be used on the face and all parts of the body.-Onion extract-Centella asiatica leaf extract-Plant ex..
Crème pour réduire les cicatrices brûlures échaudures plaies chirurgicales vergetures après la grossesse 50mlSCAR CREAM 50MLPoids : 97 grammesProduct details:ALIVER Scar Cream, Medical Scar Reduction, Surgical Scar Reduction, Heat Treatment Scar, Thick Scar, Fire Scar, etc.• Caused by fire, hot wate..
Dermatix Ultra Gel 15g - Scars KeloidThis item is a pack of 2 Dermatix Ultra 15g cream- Suitable for keloids and raised scars up to 2 years of age- Should be used after the wound has dried and healed, approximately 7-14 days.- Can be used in scars resulting from surgery, sharp object injury, acciden..
Esldpagpon Eucalyptus Aloe Vera Crocodile Oil BalmCapacity: 50GThe Crocodile Oil Balm contains a complex and unique mixture of substances extracted from Siamese crocodile fat. Our balm deeply nourishes, relieves irritation, helps heal minor cuts, cracks, abrasions, burns, rejuvenates and improv..
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