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3 pack Tiger Balm 4g Travel Size

3 pack Tiger Balm 4g Travel Size
3 pack Tiger Balm 4g Travel Size
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3 pack Tiger Balm 4g Travel Size

3 Pack - Tiger Balm 4g Travel Size

This item consists of 3 travel size 4g tiger balm in individual packaging

Developed by Haw Par Corporation Limited in Singapore, Tiger Balm is an external anti-inflammatory pain reliever used for the relief of various types of pain including stiff shoulders, lower back pain, muscle aches, muscle fatigue, bruising, sprains and nerve pains, having been sold for almost 100 years in about 100 countries mainly in Asia. The ointment has excellent permeability when applied to the affected areas, is quickly absorbed into the skin with its herbal ingredients of plant origin, promotes blood circulation and exerts its effects on shoulder stiffness, fatigue muscle and pain. If you feel pain in your shoulders and muscles, it is effective to massage them. It is more effective to rub TIGER BALM while massaging the muscles, as its active ingredients are more likely to penetrate.

1. TIGER BALM mainly contains d-camphor, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, l-menthol and clove oil which penetrate the skin to reach the affected areas where it improves blood circulation, showing excellent effects on shoulder stiffness and muscle fatigue and pain.

2. TIGER BALM is an ointment. It can be rubbed easily on the hairy parts of the hands and feet and applied evenly to the affected areas. It is characterized by a unique non-greasy, soft and refreshing sensation.

3. TIGER BALM comes in a handy little container not only for home use, but also to carry when playing sports and other leisure activities.

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