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Alada Whitening Soap 160gCan remove acne, freckles and pimplesHave a good effect for nourishing & moisturizing your skinFor clearer and fine skin complexioWhiten your skin and keeps it smooth and young lookingMade of 100% natural ingredients✔Carambola Nano Extract✔White Ginger Extract✔Synthetic ..
Fruit or Flower Soap 100gDecreasing prices..
Mouth Spray Propolis 15 ml Organic 100% NaturalOrganic 100% NaturalSUGAR FREEWITHOUT SACCHARINWITHOUT PRESERVATIVEPropolis in oral spray, 100% natural extracts.Sugar freeHelps relieve sore throats, canker sores, gingivitis, helps moisten the throat.Reduce dry throat, reduce cough.Component :- P..
Oho breast firming soapNet quantity 80 gHelps to give volume and increase the size of your breasts. Breast firming and lifting while leaving your chest smoother, softer and brighter.How to use :Wet the soap with water, apply around the chest, use circular motions and leave it on for about ..
Snake Brand soap, original Classic or Lavender fragrance100gCalms skin burning sensations, reduces rashes1. Hygienic soap for naturally clean skin.2. Mixed with bactericidal substances to help prevent skin rashes.3. Fresh scent nourishes skin to feel soft, hydrated.4. Balance skin to be healthy.The ..
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