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Namman Muay 30g Cream

Namman Muay 30g Cream
Namman Muay 30g Cream
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Namman Muay 30g Cream

Namman Muay analgesic cream is undoubtedly the best known among practitioners of Thai Boxing, non-greasy it is used by boxers to relieve muscles and injuries; it is also used as a heating cream to relax cold muscles, has a positive effect on muscle pain, joint pain, bruises, arthritis and rheumatism.

 Pommade Namman Muay 30g

Warning : External use only, do not apply balm on the eyes, mucous membranes, or irritated skin.
Wash hands well with soap after use.
Composition: Methyl salicylate 10.2%, Menthol 5.44%, Eugenol 1.36%

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