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Tiger Balm Red 19g

Tiger Balm Red 19g
Tiger Balm Red 19g
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Tiger Balm Red 19g

Tiger Balm  is a phytotherapy product derived from Chinese medicine.

Red Tiger Balm is very effective in treating muscle aches and pains, tendonitis and improving joint comfort,  back pain, neck pain, painful joints, headache, arthritis, rheumatism etc...

This versatile ointment is known worldwide for its benefits.

Ideal for sports warm-ups.

How to use :

Muscle and joint pain: Massage yourself 3 times a day with the balm on the painful areas.

Composition :

Menthol 10%
Camphor 25% Cajeput
oil 7%
Cinnamon oil 5%
Clove oil 5%
Mint oil 6%

Precautions for Red Tiger Balm :

Not for use by pregnant women.
Contraindicated for children under eight years old.
Use with caution in young children.
Avoid applying to the recently massaged area.
Do not apply to mucous membranes, eyes or irritated skin.

If inflammation, itching, burning appear, stop the application.

Capacity: 19g

Red Tiger Balm 19g

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3 x 30g TIGER BALM Genuine Tiger Balm RED/WHITE

Tiger Balm Ointment - HR

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