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Marque Asiatique

This product is a pack of 100 nail flie..
These medical dressings are very useful and effective against calluses, plantar warts, corns etc ...Soak your feet in lukewarm water for a few minutes to soften your skin, dry your feet and apply the bandage to the area to be treated.Use a bandage per day, after 6/7 days the infected area becomes wh..
Breathalyzer, electronic breathalyzer in keychain format.Hanging with your car keys, it is very reliable and precise, it detects alcohol vapors like the models used by law enforcement. Exceeding the authorized rates results in an audible signal...
Lipstick hydratant pour les lèvres qui donne une couleur rouge sur vos lèvres comme par magie!..
Really effective against hair loss, the composition of the product promotes hair growth, to try it is to adopt it.Visible result after 4-5 weeks of use.Simply apply a small amount of product to the part to be treated and massage in a circular motion...
Based on Vitamin E, Vegetable Gelatin and Aloe Vera, it will help you fight against wrinkles and nourish your skin deeply.Each box contains 90 capsules.Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Serum Rejuvenating Effect..
Anti-Blackhead Mask with Bamboo Charcoal for Combination and Oily SkinSay goodbye to your blackheads because none will resist this bamboo charcoal mask..
50g100% natural soap, it softens the skin, does not attack the dermis unlike ordinary soaps, blurs dark circles under the eyes and eyelids, improves the clarity of the skin.It eliminates harmful substances contained in body toxins and cosmetics.Removes all bacteria and oils/greases from the skin tha..
Our toothbrushes are 100% bamboo and are biodegradable, ecological and organic! They contain no chemicals, zero plastic.Ideal for your family and nature, these soft bristle toothbrushes will satisfy all of your family from their first use.Help save the planet from plastic waste that pollutes th..
Ideal for maintaining your beard, beard oil has many functions such as moisturizing the skin under the hair, making the hair softer and more resistant...
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