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Facemask PM25 with filter Facemask PM25 with filter
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Facemask PM25 with filterPM25 = 2.5 µm (microns particles)Adaptable filterUniversal sheet filter..
7.00€ 9.99€
Feet or Hands Nail NipperNail clip, random color send...
1 filter can be used for 7 days or more depending on your environment, it cannot be washed..
Filters particles of 2.5 µm (microns)These filters are adaptable for any type of protective mask, it is advisable to use a filter every 48-72 hours, but it also depends on your environment.In a  normal environment a filter is used 6 daysThese filters are not washable.These filters are..
QuantityPriceUnit Price5 7.26€ 1.452 € 10 8.48€ 0.848 € 20 9.81€ 0.490 € 40 13.89€ 0.347 €..
The package contains 5 tubes of cream of 30gFragrances Chrysanthemum, Cherry Blossoms, Propolis, Aloe Vera, Green Tea..
Try this head massager to relax perfectly. Very pleasant and relaxing feeling. This skull massager acts directly on the nerve endings.Use every evening after work for relaxation immediate and a feeling of well-being...
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