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Marque Asiatique

This medical oil Luoyang Tiger 3ml from Chinese herbal medicine will help you relieve muscle, joint, back, stomach, leg, rheumatism pain...For example, you can put hot water in a bowl and add a few drops of this oil and then breathe in the vapors. Guaranteed effect!Do not use for pregnant women..
High quality mask that helps to improve the skin and reduces the size of the pores of the face.This ultra-thin hydrating facial mask with egg extracts for your facial care routine...
Oral sexual pleasure gel 6 sachetsFlavored juice gel 6 sachets of 10 mlIndividual gel sachetEasy to carryWater-based, non-sticky gelIt can enhance the taste of lovemaking, edible gelTips for use:In case of incomplete use of the sachet, close it well and store it at normal temperature (no more than 7..
Painless Hair Removal SpongeThis sponge is designed to epilate the armpits, legs or bikini area. Of good quality, it will surprise you with its effectiveness...
Pumice stone to exfoliate dead skin from feet, hands and elbows, these pumice stones come with a string for convenient storage.For an optimal result soak your feet in hot water, wet the stone then rub slowly and rotating the area to be smoothed until the elimination of dead skin cells so you will fi..
Each box contains a pack of 20 or 100 soap sheets Compact, practical and easy to use!All you have to do is add water to these soap sheets.Very thin, they will instantly transform into a soap suds.This product is very useful and you will take it everywhere with you (office, car, gym bag or in th..
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